“I have planted. . . but God gave the increase” – I Corin 3:6

I love spring, yardwork, and flower beds!  Work I love. . . but can so easily get away from me. The garden starts immaculate, and rows are clean.  BUT by the end of summer, a mower is needed to go down the rows.  That doesn’t dampen my spirits. . . every year I have a renewed hope.  I feel so close to Mom in the garden. . she was the master gardener!  I think she found peace there that she didn’t find anywhere else.  In the Garden was the lullaby song she sang to my brother.  A beautiful place in the cool morning air, sun coming up, and seeing the “fruit” of her labor! Enjoy the chirping birds, and peace for the day!

In The Garden Lyrics


I come to the garden alone,

While the dew is still on the roses,

And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,

The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,

And He tells me I am His own,

And the joy we share as we tarry there,

None other has ever known.


He speaks, and the sound of His voice,

Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,

And the melody that He gave to me,

Within my heart is ringing.

I’d stay in the garden with Him,

Tho’ the night around me be falling,

But He bids me go, thro’ the voice of woe,

His voice to me is calling.



Earth Day Thoughts

  Psalm 96:12 . . . Give unto the Lord glory and strength, Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name. . . let the field be joyful, and all that is therein; then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice.”


    Brother Eagle, Sister Sky — a message from Chief Seattle, paintings by Susan Jeffers, has touched my heart for many years. . . in 1850’s our government wanted to purchase his people’s land in the Northwest.  His speech in Washington, DC was powerful, “How can you buy the sky? How can you own the rain and the wind?. . . you must give to the rivers the kindness you give to any brother. . . The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth. . . What befalls the earth befalls all the sons and daughters of the earth. . . we are merely a strand in the web of life!”  Chief Seattle’s words were wise— Susan Jeffers -”In our zeal to build and possess we may lose all that we have!”  Ponder that today!

Love Another

Love Another. . . “”This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you” . . John 15:12. Two words – love another. . yet so hard at times! Why? Because we don’t listen. . . because we are too busy gathering our armies to side with us. . . because of ego. . . because of a need to be right? Perhaps all of the above! Listening is an art that is lost in our day and age.
We have a daily five framework of five stations at school. One is listening. We teach the children to sit knee to knee or elbow to elbow. One student actively listens while the other student reads a couple of pages. The listener repeats what was heard! They have to really listen to be able to say. . . “I heard you say____.”
People, put your phones down! Really listen to each other! If you don’t you will misunderstand what was said. Communicate if that happens. Teaching listening skills is a huge part of loving another. Understand respect and that we all have our views, but we can honor and love the other person. It is sad when families fall apart because no one is listening. . . .AND it is really sad when churches fall apart because members or ministers are not listening or communicating. Love another. . . so simple yet seeming it is often impossible to do. … . pondering on Thursday.
I Peter 4:15. . . “but let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as a evil doer, or as a busybody in another men’s matters” So interesting to me! We teach our students to take care of themselves. That is a BIG JOB! Even in elementary school, you can see some students busy about everyone else. . they want to be in charge or they want to be helpful or they want to show others how good they are! Take care of yourselves. . . that is a big job! As we get older, we see the same actions. . . perhaps for the same reasons. Church members can even get wound up on what they thought they heard or what they thought was going on. Gossip is the voice of the busy bodies! Let that blow with the wind! I know I have enough to take care of myself. . . .pondering on Friday
Where is my faith? Sometimes we are on the mountain, sometime in the valley! Sometimes weak, yet other times strong . . .That is our journey on life’s road. . . routine. . . I pray that my faith is never just a routine, going through the motions sort of thing. . . I have enjoyed the routine of morning devotionals that seems to get me grounded for the day and whatever it brings. . . Maybe rhythm is the right word. . . the breathing in and out. The heartbeats, the wakening of my soul . . .
One of our hymns—As the bright glowing light of the morning,
fills the land with a radiance fair,
so the wonderful grace that has found me
Fills my heart and it rests sweetly there!
I am safe in His love,
For a wonderful Savior is He.
I am safe in His love,
In His mercy. . . He saves even me!
He is my helper my strength, and my shield!–pondering today
I usually only post one day of my ponderings. . . . but these three
just seemed to go together in my heart. . . for all of His grace and mercy for me. . . for you . . . can we not just put our differences aside and love another! Travel down this road, and love one another! Blessings to you today, tomorrow, and for the week

Potters . . .

Why do I write. . . I don’t know except that it brings me joy. I sometimes seem driven, while other times so afraid of failing.  I write for me! PERIOD! If anyone else enjoys it . . . then that is certainly icing on the cake.


This morning I thought of all the wise people that have been a fountain of my life (Proverbs 13:14) . . . ones that shaped me.  All that we are today. . . we were shaped by many, many family members and friends that guide us through good times and tragic times.  I really don’t believe things are happen chance, but part of God’s big picture.  The miracle of life is that they were all here for us.. . . lives could have been lost (war, disease, suicide, or any number of issues).  . . times could have been different.


But for us to be here as we are. . . miracles happened. . . The list is very long for me.. . . so many that are close to my heart that I dare not start listing for fear I would leave someone out. If I took a day to thank each, to think about each, to remember stories about them. . . I would be well into my 90’s.  Ponder those “potters” in your life that helped shape you!!


Prisons Would Palaces Prove

Our minister spoke Sunday about Paul and Silas being persecuted for their beliefs. . . thrown in prison. . . not matter where you are. . . “prisons would palaces prove if Jesus would dwell with me there.”
When Rich was in the hospital, the final stay, he had to share a room for a bit. his roommate was ranting and raving. . . Nurses were trying to deal with him. We felt bad for him, but it was very unsettling for us. We wanted to leave, but were rather pinned in. But an angel just happened to appear at the very moment we were sure to lose it.
Wynn Lembright from Taylor University walked in. We spoke for a few minutes, and we heard a tray crash against the wall. He asked if he could pray with us! His soft, gentle, kind words began and we had PEACE. . . we were “taken away”! We could breathe and relax. When he was finished, the roommate had left. A couple of nurses were at the door with tears in their eyes. Wynn knew what to say, how to say it, and the time needed for peace to be found–I will never forget that! Our “prison” had certainly turned into a palace. . . Jesus was there!

Fence Sitting

Fence Sitting. . . .
Not a comfortable spot
What to do–what to do?
Everyone says you’l know
When it is time.
I hate that R word
I don’t know. . .
So it must not be time!

Who am I without
All my little chickadees,
My writers, my readers,
My good citizens, my ANGELS!

What would I do
without a first day of school?
I’ve had one every
year since 1957!
What to do, What to do?
Fence sitting is not a comfortable spot!

Written a couple of years ago!!!!Retirement is better than I ever dreamed . . . retired in the morning, at school in the afternoon. Life doesn’t get any better than that!!!