Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears

Music, Music, Music. . . . I love to sit calmly and listen to relaxing music! . . . but there are other sounds that make music to my ears.

Babies crying can pull at my heart. . . They have hungry cries, scared cries, and even—I want some attention cries.  All the joys of my daughters and grandsons can flood my heart.  Laughing children can erase any pile of stress and worry that I have.  I often sleep with the sound of thunder and rain.  For some odd reason it just brings a calmness, rest  for my soul. The wind has a variety of sounds too. . . from low soft music to its booming, crashing sounds.  The wind tinkling the wind chimes or softly blowing the pine needles is pleasant and enjoyable.  Even though I do get anxious at the loud booms. . . I still enjoy the sounds of nature’s storms.

The National Anthem and Taps  . . . fills my heart with pride so much that tears will flow. The flapping of the American flag blowing in the wind is a soothing sound. Probably very few people have ever stopped to hear it.

Perhaps the best music to my heart is the whisper of “Honey, I love you. . . you’ll always be my little girl.” OR “Thanks Mom, I love you.” OR “Hey Nana, I love you. Have any fruit chews?”  Stop your busy schedule . . . sit quietly. What is the music for your heart?


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